Meet Gracelynn Patricia Parker in my New Series The Amazing Gracelynn

Published May 3, 2015 by Sherry Carroll

From #SherryCarroll  the Author of  #EvenRockandRollhasFairyTales  R & R Memoir of life  with #EricBurdon of#TheAnimals   Backstage adventures, humor and heartache.  @TheSherryFAIRY is ridiculously fun, smart, sexy, and outrageous!


Not a particularly remarkable name for quite an unusual young lady.

But that’s the only  Un Remarkable thing about our Gracie!

Before she gets everything her hard headed, tough talking, soft heart desires (and once you have met the Amazing Gracelynn you will have no doubt there’s any other option) She will have danced from kiddie beauty pageants to Broadway, on tables for dollars, and in diamonds (and not much else) for Rock and Roll Royalty and her way right into your heart! She will marry well, but go through hell, live and love hard, both hot and cold men with fortune and fame and sweet pretty boys with neither and will not be stopped until she has reached the very top!


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