Sneak Preview of Chapter One “Even Rock and Roll has Fairy Tales” by Sherry Carroll #EricBurdon #SherryCarroll

Published March 28, 2021 by Sherry Carroll

Sherry Carroll Books

By the time the sun started to rise over the Great Lakes, I had almost managed to convince myself that maybe I wasn’t crazy after all. Stressed? Sure. Way too old for this nonsense? Okay, you got me there! Thirty-eight was way too old and it was way too late to run away from home, so that was a very good possibility. Exhausted? No, not just yet, still a bit too soon and too early in the trip. I was bound to get that way at some point, but I would worry about that when it happened. At the moment, I was having fun. That was the important thing. The most fun I had had in years.

The Shiny Happy Sherry Fairy takes flight again! And I loved every moment of it.

The closer I got to my destination, the more convinced I was that this was the right choice…

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